A Former Principal’s Reflection: A Plan for Enhancing School Improvement and Culture by Getting Connected
Rory A. Weishaar

This article focuses on a process for enhancing school improvement and culture by using connected school ideals and My Voice surveys attained from Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations. The proposed plan described by the author shows how getting the school connected, and then enhancing those connections through the use of My Voice surveys, a school may attain an improved, positive, school culture which bolsters school improvement and may raise graduation rates. Sustaining the connectedness within the school is important, and perceptions are, ultimately, what matters when it comes to behavior control. In order to keep positive connections between students and teachers, the author suggests using the iKnow My Class surveys to garner a better understanding of students’ perceptions about classroom culture as well. The areas where students’ perceptions weigh-in low on a survey’s scale mean educators must affect change in those areas to positively influence a perceptual shift.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n1a5