The Effect of Creative Movement and Improvised Game (CMIG) Intervention on the Enjoyment
Reppa G.P.; Theodorakou, K.

Creative teaching is one of the most effective teaching styles. On the other hand free-movement without any guidelines, has been misinterpreted as not usefulness and not effective. Enjoyment/ interest are the main factor of continuing an activity. Physical education is the main subject that can promote regular physical activity. This study examine if a creative intervention on physical education vs a free-movement intervention can affect enjoyment/interest on 4th grade students. The results showedthat both intervention increased enjoyment/ interest.Moreover, the results showed that there was a difference in the effectiveness of the two interventions, with the free-movement intervention being perceived as more enjoyable/interesting than the CMIG intervention, F (1,128) = 7.63, p = 0.00. This study is suggesting that there is a need forfurther research in the components of the intervention in order to increase enjoyment/ interest. Moreover there are implications for more variables that could be examined.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n1a25