Mobile Learning New Technique to Contribute the Development of Distance Learning Courses, as views from Specialists of Information and Instructional Technology in Sudanese Universities
Esam Idris K. Al Hassan

The aim of this study identifying the Mobile Learning (ML) as a new technique to contribute the development of Distance Learning Courses (DLC), as a view by specialists of information and Instructional technology in Sudanese universities. The study population consisted of specialists of information and Instructional technology in Sudanese universities who teaching the information and instructional courses, was chosen as a random sample numbered (46) representing 64.8% of the population.By following the descriptive analytical method, the results was presented and discussed, have shown that Mobile learning technique (MLT) through the provision of services can be contributing to the development of DLC in Sudanese universities in terms of:The development of obtaining process the courses contents at any time and place, and enable them to put their questions in collaborative learning framework and the consequent of storage for content even realized immediate feedback, providing the renewable information base for each learner through interaction with information network and access to content, giving the learner a clear idea of what he needs from the information and how to access and view it.There are obstacles that could prevent the employment ofMLT in the development of DLC in Sudanese universities.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n1a24