Perspective on School Development in the Barents Region of Northern Europe
Lisbeth Lindström, Kjell Johansson

This article is about school development, based on empirical data taken from Sweden's northernmost county, Norrbotten, situated in the Barents region of northern Europe. The survey includes all of the county's 13 municipalities. The aim of this article is to illustrate school leaders' views of school development in the organisation and municipality where they work. We chose a quantitative study as the method for obtaining answers to our questions. A questionnaire relating to leadership and school development was sent to 170 addressees. The statements in the questionnaire were put to respondents on the basis of previous research results that showed the importance of collective learning, leadership and the organisation of educational activities. The results from the survey show overwhelmingly positive answers from the respondents; they usually agree completely or partially with the statements. The result shows, for example, that there is a developed vision, there is consensus within the organisation, lessons learned in activities are documented, and teachers/educationists are encouraged to talk to each other about the structure of their teaching. The result is a picture of awareness on the part of the respondents of the importance of school leadership for children and young people's development into citizens. The mainly positive answers that the respondents have submitted, however, mean that there is a gap between what is actually implemented in activities and the respondents' own views. In order to verify the results, the study needs to be continued in more detail through interviews with a number of the respondents and take into account teachers' opinions regarding school development and leadership.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n1a16