Hands-on Plasticine Illustration of Cross-Sectional Anatomy of Abdomen CT Scan Improves Medical Student Skills and Confidence Levels
Rong Yan, Min Chen1, Rui Jia, Xin-rui Zhou, Kun Zhu, Yong Zhang

Radiology is an extremely important element of medicine to which medical students are often difficult to master. We incorporated a hands-on plasticine illustration course of cross-sectional anatomy of abdomen CT scan to help students understanding cross-sectional anatomy. By hands-on plasticine making of cross-sectional anatomy of abdomen CT scan images, students learned how cross-sectional two-dimensional images were created from three-dimensional structure of human organs. Most students in the hands-on plasticine illustration course group responded positively to this approach, and their average score on CT examination was higher than that of the group that did not take part in the course. Hands-on plasticine illustration appears to be a useful supplement to radiologic anatomy education. It would enhance the radiological interpretive skills, and improve the confidence, in medical students.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v9n4a7