Remote Learning is Here to Stay
Ie May Freeman, Ed.D; HeeKap Lee, Ph.D.

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has forced many school districts around the United States to shutter at an immediate notice in March of 2020. Public, charter, and private elementary, and secondary school students have been affected in not meeting face to face with a teacher on record. Remote learning is the new teaching approach that school districts have taken during the pandemic occurrence. This type of learning has allowed the opportunity for students to learn from home and with accountability. There are positive effects and limitations of remote learning that will be addressed in the article. The knowledge about remote learning will help prepare teachers, paraprofessionals, district officials, administrators, and university credential programs of how to best understand and implement remote learning in the 21st century.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v9n4a14