Pedagogue’s Perspective: Towards ‘the Counter-Ideology of Work’
Renata Tomaszewska, PhD hab; Aleksandra Pawlicka, HScD

Along with the development of consumer civilization, the traditional centuries-old functions of work have been attributed to the sphere of consumption. Even more individuals work mostly in order to utilize the earned money as fast as possible, and consume it – by spending it on selected goods and services, of both material and „spiritual‟ character. It is consumption that, instead of work, has become the sphere of life where an individual achieves their goals, fulfils their needs, experiences the feeling of self-realisation and even builds their own identity. This phenomenon, called the „counter-ideology of work‟, has been the main subject of the following paper, presented from the pedagogue‟s point of view.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v9n3a5