Exploring Creative schools in Public Education
Fathi Mohammed Abu Nasser, Abdulhamid Abdullah Alarfaj

Creative school is an integrative system that secures a school environment that encourages creativity and inventiveness. It also highly depends on modern technology in all its educational and administration processes, in addition to means of communication with students and parents. The current study aims at exploring the perceptions of education experts regarding the concept of creative school and requirements of its leadership. The study adopted the qualitative method in which a sample of 21 experts were selected from those concerned with the field of study; 13 of them were staff members in Saudi Universities and 8 leaders of Saudi public schools throughout the academic year 2018–2019. The findings revealed that the creative school carried several names: intelligent school, creativity-developing school, and active teaching school. All experts agree that such schools secure a propitious environment for creativity and inventiveness and provide various advanced skills and programs subjected to balanced international criteria, which are conscious of international awareness with global issues, and environment programs. The findings also revealed that the foremost supports of creative schools are financing and social backup. It also unveiled that there are several abnormal roles for creative school leaders that suit nature and objectives of the school, in addition to requirements for creative school leadership as manifested in openness to organizational flexible structures along with a cooperative leadership that institutes technology. The study specified the foremost challenges facing leaders of the creative school, which is variety of skills needed for school leadership.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v9n3a13