A Study of the Impact of a Civil Rights Tour of Mississippi and Tennessee on the Acquisition of Civil Rights Knowledge and Knowledge of Self
Dr. Joyce E. Kyle Miller, Dr. LaVelle Hendricks, Dr. Zaidy Mohd Zain

This mixed methods study was designed to survey Civil Rights knowledge and Self Knowledge of undergraduate students before and after a week-long civil rights tour of Tennessee and Mississippi. The students were enrolled in an undergraduate counseling course at a University in north Texas. Course assignments included the reading of What Truth Sounds Like by Michael Eric Dyson, the writing of a reflection paper, and attending a debriefing session following the tour. Before the tour, students reported that they had superficial knowledge of the civil rights movement and that they knew they would learn a great deal during the tour. Following the tour, the students reflected that they never thought they would ―feel‖ so much during the tour. The students’ Post Tour responses revealed depth of Civil Rights knowledge and evidence that the tour participants benefitted from the first-hand experiences of the Foot Soldiers with whom they interacted during the tour.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v9n3a1