Results-Based Management and School Principals HRM Training Needs
Nancy Lauzon Ph. D

This research aimed to identify HRM training themes deemed most important for new principals following the implementation of a recent accountable school result-based management system in the Province of Quebec, Canada. The research favored a mixed exploratory methodology. It took place in nine Quebec’s volunteered school boards and was carried out in two phases. At first, semi-structured individual and group interviews were conducted with forty-four key informants from nine school boards. Then, a questionnaire was developed and administered to 375 principals and vice-principals drawing on the results of these interviews. Data were analyzed using a theoretical framework based primarily on Runhaar’s HRM practice “domains” and Buller and McEvoy’s HRM practice levels. A major bundle of practices considered by principals as being at the heart of their most important training needs relate to staff professional practices supervision. Professional Development, Work Design, and Staff Selection and Induction practice domains complete an operational and integrated framework presenting a singular vision of processes related to school human resources management.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v9n1a5