Synergizing Education and Spirituality in Faith-Based Tertiary Institution
Ademola S. Tayo, Ph.D; Theodore U. Dickson, Ph.D; Ucheawaji G. Josiah, Ph.D.

The formation of a faith-based tertiary institution calls for a synergy between Education and Spirituality. This supposition stems from the biblical viewpoint on educational system as against the myriad of definitions of education. This paper utilizes the conceptual and descriptive approaches to studying the twin-concepts of education and spirituality with the view to strengthening the linkage between them in a faith-based institution specifically given the need for character formation. The Garden of Eden seemed to be the classroom; God being the teacher; Adam and Eve as the students; Nature, the lesson book, while the law of God (morality), manual labor, and nature study constituted the curriculum. This paper suggests a new approach to education: an effective Integration of Faith and Learning (IFL) program premised on Deut. 6:4 – 9 where love for God (6:5) is identified as the context and scope of the curriculum; the principle of love for God (vertical relationship) as prerequisite for personal relationships, and qualification as a parent and „educator‟ (horizontal relationship). In essence, the process of the character formation relies greatly on spiritual foundations. Given the forgoing, IFL need be given priority in faith-based tertiary institution.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n3a19