‘From Pinnacle to Trough’: Christianizing and Secularizing Contemporary African Higher Educational Institutions
Emmanuel Orihentare Eregare, M.A, M.A, PhD.

From the seeming dwindling records on quality education in contemporary Nigerian higher institutions, corruption especially bribery plays the central stage for academic excellence between the teaching staff or faculty and the students which calls for redress. Hence, this study examines through the Christian missionary incorporation of the intellectual, lifestyle and discipleship definitions, Nigeria‟s fundamental educational policy, primary objectives for higher institutions, why the contemporary debility in the growth of the Nigerian higher educational quality. This study employs a historical descriptive methodology. Findings reveal that academic-fraud through bribery wanes the quality of higher education in Nigeria. It behoves on the Federal Government of Nigeria to develop the national educational policies from the Christian missionaries‟ philosophy which enhances inevitably conducive environment for a „pinnacle‟ contextualised educational quality in Nigeria.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n3a7