Influence of Bursary Funds in Addressing Educational Wastage in Public Secondary Schools in Kandara Sub-County, Murang’a County, Kenya
Karanja Joseph Ndung’u, Ferdinand Mbeche, Rose Obae

This study assessed the extent to which the amount and time of bursary allocation influences the educational wastage in public secondary schools in Kandara Sub-county. The target population was 420 students and 8 school principals. Data collection was done using questionnaires, while data analysis was done using descriptive statistics. From the findings, there was a response from 238 students. Findings showed that 60% of the parents/ guardians were self-employed, 37.4% of them had an income of less than Ksh. 1000 while 60% of them paid school fees of 5,000-10,000 per month. Findings further showed that 32.5% of the students who applied for the bursary funds did not receive. Additionally, 22.7% of students strongly agreed that the funds were too little, 34.5% strongly agreed that it always delayed while 34.5% strongly agreed that they were uncertain of being awarded. Findings moreover showed that 61.8% of SEBF were allocated during second term and the students who received the money agreed that the amount awarded did not help in offsetting much of the school fees. However, 29.4% of the students strongly disagreed that SEBF were allocated on time. 75% of the principals interviewed indicated that January- March was the best time for SEBF allocation and that bursary allocation was never timely. To minimize this academic wastage the Government should increase the amount awarded to students and done in time especially in term one so that it can offset much of the school fees balances. Also there should be clear policy guidelines on criteria used in awarding bursary fund, so that those who apply are sure that they will be awarded. Bursary allocation in secondary education can help to reduce education wastage, through enhancing equity in access, retention and transition for students in public secondary schools.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n3a17