Elaboration of Internationalisation Strategy in Jordanian Universities
Abdallah Al-Zoubi

A new paradigm for institutional management of internationalisation in universities in Jordan may provide appropriate knowledge and means to improve internationalisation actions and activities that contribute to the sustainability of the international dimension of higher education institutions. Governance procedures that enhance internationalisation within the university hierarchy may be established along with capacity building exercises aimed at creating references and guidelines in alignment with international best-practices. Quantitative research design that includes self-policy-statement, SWOT analysis, field visits, data collected from surveys with students, professors and administrators in a number of Jordanian higher education institutions help construct a view of an internationalized process that can be used as a basis for decisionmaking, road mapping and strategic planning. The aim of the paper consequently focuses on measuring existing internationalisation profile and consequently exploring the process of internationalisation of universities, and finally elaboratea model that supports and improves management of the internationalisation processes at the institutional level.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n3a16