The Impact of Leadership on Human Resources Management Practices in the Organization
Egbuta, Olive U. (PhD)

Leadership is a relevant concept in various aspects of the society including business, academics, family, community, religious and politics up to national level and indeed international levels. It is said to be a major determinant of success of a group, business organization and even the entire country and therefore is the most important factor in society since it is seen as the life-wire on which any organization hangs on for effective performance. Leadership plays a very important role in the Human Resources Management practices of any organization. Transformational leaders in HRM inspire followers to accomplish more by influencing the followers to align their values with the values of the organization. This paper concludes that leadership is central determining the tone, culture and performance of the organization and also accounts for achieving organizational objectives since the Human Resources is the most valuable asset of every business organization

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n3a15