Patterning Intervention for Kindergartners
Robert Pasnak, Katrina Gagliano, Matthew Righi, Julie K. Kidd

The effects of instructing kindergarten students (five-year-olds in their first year of public school) on patterning were tested. Up to nine students in each class were randomly assigned to three groups in each of six classes, i.e., as many as three from a class in each group.. One group received instruction on complex patterns similar to those employed by other researchers with first graders. Another group was instructed in early literacy, and another in early mathematics. For each group, the experimental instruction was scheduled in a counterbalanced order for 15 minutes in the morning, five days per week for most of the school year.. When tested in late May – early June, the children taught patterning scored significantly better on a test of patterning. There were no significant differences on tests of mathematics and early literacy. However there were correlations between the children’s patterning scores and some literacy scales.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n2a4