Views of Elementary School Science Teachers in Bahrain about Their Reflective Practices
Fatema M. H. AlMalki, Khalil Y. Alkhalili

This study aimed at uncovering the degree of practicing reflection by science teachers at the elementary stage in Bahrain. The qualitative descriptive approach was used. A questionnaire consisting of 27 items were handed to a cluster random sample of 187 elementary school science teachers who teach general science at second cycle of the elementary stage (4th,5th,6th grades) in 40 public schools in Kingdom of Bahrain. The results of this study showed that nearly all elementary science teachers in Bahrain irrespective of their gender, experience or qualification practice reflection in their teaching profession of all types that researchers designated. These results were in congruent with what some researchers found. However, Contrary to their findings, gender differences were found in this study. Female were higher than males in the first dimension (Situations of Practicing Reflection), whereas males were higher than females on the other dimensions (Areas of Practicing Reflection, and Ways of Practicing Reflection). Implications of these results were discussed, and further studies were recommended.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n2a25