Ethnicity, Federal Character Principle and the Bloating of Federal Government Establishments (2015-2018)
Egbuta, Olive U1. (PhD)

This paper considered the age-long problem of ethnicity and the application of the Federal Character Principle in appointments into federal government offices as well as the bloated nature of offices in government’s establishments since 2015 till date. The principle of federal character which was adopted in 1979 to address the imbalance in Nigeria’s politics and wanton struggle for power among the different ethnic groups in the country has not been able to do so after many years. The paper adopted the survey research design through quantitative research approach. Primary data was elicited through the administration of questionnaires. 700 copies of questionnaires were administered to employees in seven federal government ministries and establishments. Findings reveal that ethnicity significantly affects bloating of federal government’s establishments (R = 0.613, R2 = 0.376, p < 0.05, F = 388.876), federal character principle significantly affects bloating of federal government’s establishments (R = 0.747, R2 = 0.558, p < 0.05, F = 833.824). It was found that appointments into federal government’s offices since 2015 has been done with brazen disregard to the principles of federal character, and largely based on ethnicity. The paper posits that federal government’s workforce will contribute immensely to the development of Nigeria if merit, federal character and expertise needs are taken into consideration in the composition of the nation’s workforce.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n2a23