An Examination of Social Status of Pupils with Disabilities in Ghanaian Primary Schools: An Insight into Social Inclusion and Teachers` Self-Efficacy
Dr Awal Mohammed Alhassan

This study examined social status of pupils with disabilities and teacher‟s self-efficacy to support their learning and socialization. Using quantitative research approach questionnaires were used to collect data. Data analysis included descriptive statistics and multiple regression. In the theoretical framework of Allport Inter-group Contact the results show that Ghanaian primary schools teachers recognize inclusive education, however their classroom practices affected the social status of pupils with disabilities. The findings show minimal levels of teachers‟ self-efficacy in forging intergroup contact. The implication of the findings is that teachers play a crucial role in social inclusion in that inclusion improves both social skills and academic performance of all pupils. Further implications for successful implementation of IE are discussed in the study.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n2a15