The Role of Creative Concept and Speech Organization in the Creation of Modern Advertising Posters
Vekovtseva T.A; Plotnikova O.A

The role of poster-design forms of modern mass communications visual design, which include advertising posters, is ever increasing. This article aims to study the features of building a creative concept for an advertising poster: advertising message structure, forms of presenting the visual and verbal artistic image, and positioning advertising poster. The leading method of studying this problem is artistic and communicative analysis which makes it possible to evaluate the artistic image of posters and the verbal component, and consumer profile. The article analyzes important aspects of creating an advertising poster, which include the creative concept, advertising appeal, visual image, slogan and consumer profile. The results of our study can be useful for the practical development of models of modern advertising and entertainment posters for theatrical productions, exhibitions, museum expositions, and other events.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n2a14