Organization Members Directing their Career Development
Dr. David E. Bartz

Organization members owe it to themselves to consistently focus on gaining recognition for their contributions to the organization from accomplishments in their present position and the competencies they acquire for career advancement. It is crucial for organization member to have present short-term job specific career recognition goals and long-term career development and advancement goals. These goals should be fueled by the intrinsic motivation that prompts organization members to strive to attain their full potential. It is essential that organization members manage their energy because it can be depleted, cause decreased productivity, and negatively impacttheir efforts to be their best. If organization members want to advance in their careers, they must have a laser-like focus on factors that are most important to such advancement and eliminate distractors that impede it. Four forms of learning desire to learn, learnability, learning agility, and transfer of learning provide the means for organization members to continuously acquire knowledge and skill development for recognition on their present job and career advancement.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n1a6