Perceptions of Teachers as Attachment Figures at a Boarding School Running Head: Residential Schooling & Attachment
Alexis D. Spina, Rebeca Mireles-Rios, Sarah A. Roberts

This study looks at the relationships between students at a boarding school and their dormitory parents, those individuals who are teachers who live in the dormitory and take on a parent-like role; they are responsible for the emotional, mental, physical, and social wellbeing of the students who reside in dormitories. We asked if students perceived this bond as an attachment relationship. Through the use of a questionnaire, 33 former students were asked about their relationship with one or more dormitory parents at a boarding school located in Southern California. While 77% of participants said they saw one or more dormitory parents as an attachment figure, boarding students tended to view their dormitory parents as attachment figures more than day students. Overall, 81% of participants reported that they saw this boarding school as a safe-haven. In addition, all students reported feeling comfortable speaking to one or more dormitory parents whenever they needed guidance or support, and they felt that they could confide in dormitory parents more than their parents.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n1a2