Primary School Teachers’ Collaborative Relationships within the Framework of the School Unit
Dimitris Sakkoulis, Anna Asimaki, Gerasimos Koustourakis

This paper aims to investigate the type of collaborative relationships that take shape between the teachers in Greek primary schools, as well as the factors that influence the shaping of these particular relationships. This study was conducted using semi-structured interviews with a chosen sample of 20 teachers. The main findings of the research revealed the existence of powerful classifications among teachers working in the school units that the research focused on. More specifically, the development of collaborative relationships was limited since it appeared that a traditional culture of parallel and partly isolated work was dominant. In addition, when there were collaborative relationships between teachers, these were of a restricted, occasional and fragmentary nature. Finally, there were collaborations of technical nature between the teachers working in the same school, for the organization of wide ranging school events, like school celebrations and innovative actions, such as the implementation of a project.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v8n1a13