The Effectiveness of a Training Programme for Developing the Vocational Literacy of Secondary Vocational Education Teachers in Jordan
Dr. Abdel Salam Sa,d Deeb Marji, Prof. Adnan Hussian Al- jadiry, Dr. Mufadi Al- Momani

This study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of a training programme for developing the vocational literacy of secondary vocational education teachers in Jordan. The population of the study consisted of all vocational education teachers in the secondary stage for governmental schools that belong to education directorates in Irbid governorate, The total number was (252) teachers. A random sample consisted of (39.5%) from the study population. To answer the questions of the study, the researcher prepared an achievement test composed of ( 64 ) multiple choice questions, distributed on (7) fields of vocational literacy. The validity of the study tools was verified and approved by a specialized committee in education and vocational education fields, the tools were also tested, and the reliability coefficient for the test was (0.79). For answering the study questions data were collected and analyzed by employing the (SPSS) system, means, standard deviation and T-test were widely employed for the purpose of this study. results of the study revolved that the study reached the following: That the majority of teachers scored at the middle level of the Vocational literacy as measured by the prepared test there were significant statistical differences in the mean degrees of Vocational Literacy for Secondary Vocational Education Teachers between pre and post experiment test, due to the effect of the suggested Training programme.(Number of word ).

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v7n4a11