Scientific Collaboration Networks of Mathematicians from the Former Soviet Union in the Global South
Isabel Izquierdo, Hebe Vessuri, Rosa Luz Gonzalez

This article explores the scientific collaboration networks of mathematicians from the Former USSR in the Global South, the case of Mexico. We used the Social Network Analysis (ARS) macro perspective focusing on the collaboration that scientists have had since they arrived in Mexico. We also use the public Database of the American Mathematical Society (MathScience) from which collaborations are reported in articles, chapters of books and proceedings published, and the Pajek software as tools for the analysis and visualization of social networks. The results of the study show the heterogeneity of scientific network collaboration nationally, regionally and internationally, and brings to debate some considerations that have not been taken into account when contexts and spaces do not correspond to traditional and binary “South-North” highly skilled migration

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v7n4a10