Humanistic Education and Social Responsibility in Alumni from Jesuit Universities in Mexico. An Exploratory Study
Hilda Ana María Patiño Domínguez, Ph.D.

This text addresses the issue of humanistic education with an emphasis on social commitment and responsibility. It presents the results of the first qualitative phase of more extensive research which also includes a quantitative phase. The overall investigation seeks to determine the effects of the humanistic education in the alumni of the Jesuit University System in Mexico. This paper presents the primary results of the exploratory qualitative phase that was carried out through semi-structured interviews to 53 alumni of different majors and generations, from the Universidad Iberoamericana campuses in Mexico City, Puebla, León, Torreon, and Tijuana. The analysis done highlights the figure of the teacher as a critical part of the humanistic education, as a promoter of students´ reflective and ethical thinking. Moreover, it also points out the importance of core curriculum humanistic courses regarding their power to enhance interdisciplinary dialogue, intellectual openness and personal growth, as well as for flourishing sensitivity, empathy, and awareness about social problems. For those reasons, students may become committed to social issues later in their lives as alumni.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v7n3a8