Designing an Experimental Prototype for the Teaching of Conics (Ellipsis) based on the Law of Light Reflection
Ph. D. Juan Carlos Ruiz Mendoza

This paper aims at describing an experimental prototype to favor the comprehension of theoretical concepts related to the section of conic in Geometric Optics courses or subjects such as Mathematics and Analytical Geometry. The experimental prototype was devised for lab practices intended to demonstrate conics by means of the law of light reflection and its application in the social context. The prototype was thought of as a solution to cope with expensive optical kits. It is an alternative for educational institutions to overcome financial difficulties. Instead the prototype may be constructed at the institutions using components available at the market. It covers a wide range of optical classroom teaching conic activities and has the flexibility for incorporating new ones. The use of the prototype is recommendable for Math and Physics lab activities at the preparatory school and the faculties of Nuevo León Autonomous University.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v7n3a6