Analysis of the Methodology Applied in Aviation English Course at a Military School in Salinas
Marisol Gutierrez Santos, Victor Almeida Pacheco, Rosalba Rodríguez Reyes, Germán Veintimilla Vargas

The objective of this research is to analyze the Methodology applied during an “English for Specific Purposes” (ESP) Aviation course. This module is taught before the Basic Flight training and it contains main expressions used for flight operations and Radiotelephony operations at Escuela Superior Militar de Aviación “Cosme Runnells Barbatto” (ESMA) in Salinas, Ecuador. The data gathered in this research was both quantitative and qualitative; hence, the design for this study is a mixed method approach. The instruments used to obtain the collected data were a mock Aviation English test, an interview for teachers, and a survey for first year students. For this study, fifteen pilot cadets of first year were considered as well as the aviation English module instructor. Teachers and students‟ perceptions towards the Aviation English module were monitored, observed and analyzed. The results of this research showed that some aspects regarding the Methodology of the Aviation English module taught at ESMA must be improved since not all the cadets were familiarized with ICAO‟s Language Proficiency Requirements manual or The ICAO Standardized Phraseology manual. This investigation suggests that a Blended Learning design may contribute to improve the methodology applied in this course.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v7n3a5