‘S̄eụ̄x-mang’: A Missing Link of Southern Thai Dialect and Pa Yang Community in the South of Thailand
Rungrat Charoenwisal, Malee Sabaiying, Wanchai Dhammasaccakarn

This study investigates a lost word in oral language in the Southern Thai dialect called „S̄eụ̄x Mang‟ by using qualitative multi-methods research such as unstructured in-depth interviews, focused group discussions, observations and social networks from 30 key informants. The sample included an abbot, community leader, ranger and old people from Pa Yang and Songkhla City. In addition, documentary evidence was used in the study. The results indicated that elderly people are the last generation who know the meaning of „S̄eụ̄x Mang‟ and even they use the same word of „Mang and S̄eụ̄x Mang‟ to denote different meanings in Southern Thai dialect only. “Mang” refers to prudent or indecisive or early morning while „S̄eụ̄x Mang‟ means to a sub specie of panther. Moreover, further study revealed that this specific word links to the loss of a fertile homeland which once belonged to Pa Yang Community and their proud history.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v7n2a9