Relationship between Maternal and Infant Behaviour during Story Time
Yolanda Guevara BenĂ­tez, Juan Pablo Rugerio Tapia, Laura Alejandra Corona Guevara

Shared story time reading promotes psychological abilities which are important in child development, including linguistic, conceptual and socio-emotional skills. The propose of the study was to analyse the relation between the actions of preschool children´s mothers with the types of interaction and the behaviour showed by their children during dyadic story time activities. This was an observational-analytic study. We studied 30 mothers with children (13 girls and 17 boys; average age five years) registered in third-grade preschool from a public school of low sociocultural level. Each pair was filmed in two sessions and analysed through taxonomy of behavioural categories. Initial data showed that most mothers presented limited skills as storytellers, readers, promoters of linguistic interactions and as informal teachers. The differences between groups and the correlations among maternal-infant behavioural categories indicated synchrony between the behaviour in the mothers and the performance on the child, particularly on the linguistic interactions.

Full Text: PDF    DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v7n2a13