Evaluation of a Collaborative Project using ICT in Small-Scale Schools to Achieve a Wide Variety of Relationships
Toshiyuki KISHI

In this study, we designed a system to provide children attending small-scale schools with opportunities to form a wide variety of interpersonal relationships. The system, which employed web conference terminals to provide a continuous connection between three physically remote elementary schools, was installed and operated for a fixed period of time. The study served to clarify issues involved in building and operating this type of system environment. Many of the problems encountered may be thought to stem from our project‟s attempt to achieve simultaneous operation across three schools. However, the study also clarified a number of advantages this type of system may provide. In particular, children at each school demonstrated a proactive desire to interact with their counterparts at the other schools, and this suggests that interactions made by way of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) may be a valid method of providing relationship-building opportunities to children. Conventional use of ICT in schools has largely been limited to the classroom; however, this study suggests the potential for ICT to be used in a variety of student activities outside of class as well.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v7n1a9