How to Support the Process of Forming Analogies to Facilitate Model-Building in Science Education
Dr. Michael Haider, Marika Haider

In the following article we illustrate the importance of learning with models and analogies in science education. Learning with models is both exciting and promotes greater comprehension capabilities, whilst an understanding of how the analogies model works, remains to be a very interesting topic also. The issueexplains the process of formingmodels and describe how this processcan be supported in the classroom. We describe the processof analogy formation and examine how far the use of specific models, can support the processes of analogy formation. A proficient handling of models plays an important role in this context. Therefore, the focus would be on model competence, learning with and learning about models. In addition, the process of modeling,will be explained and theoretical founded, on a circle of modelling postulated in mathematical didactics. The particular benefit of the following article is the merging of different views on modelling: psychology, pedagogy, natural scientifical and mathematical didactics.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v7n1a8