On A Rectangular Hyperbola and Two Conjugate Sheaves of Circles ("2nd Order Curves On a Soccer field")
M. Longla, Yu. V. Pavlyuchenko

This article should be considered in line with the so-called problem-based learning, which has been developed by the American psychologist and educator John Dewey (1859 -1952). This method requires the creation in the learning process of problem situations that need to meet the objectives of the education system and at the same time be accessible to students and stimulate their own active learning activities. Most often the problematic situation is detected in the process of solving nonstandard problems. Nowadays, this topic in pedagogy is receiving more attention. Many papers have been published on this topic. We can cite among others, (Махмутов 1977), (Azer 2011, 808), (Barrows 1996, 3) and (Wood 2003, 328). Our work illustrates in fact this type of problem situations in a rather peculiar example, which shows how you can consistently direct the learning process.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v7n1a20