Institutional and Faculty Vitality Impact on Research Productivity of Occupational and Physical Therapy Faculty
Ricky Joseph, Ph.D; Jennifer L. Waller, Ph.D.

This is a study of the relationship between individual and institutional/leadership vitality characteristics and high levels of research productivity among occupational and physical therapy faculty. Five hundred full-time occupational and physical therapy faculty were surveyed from 45 public health science research universities within the US. One hundred forty two surveys were returned; a return rate of 28.4 percent. The results identify a statistically significant relationship between faculty perception of adequate and protected time to conduct research and scholarly activities, esteem among fellow colleagues, presence of a collegial network, and a clearly communicated institutional vision and administrative expectations with the annual publication of three or more refereed journal articles. This study also revealed a significant difference in vitality factors identified by faculty annually publishing three or more refereed journal articles and those publishing less than three. The results of this study provide a method for predicting high levels of productivity among occupational and physical therapy faculty.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v7n1a1