Contributions of Leadership Style, Managerial Skills of Principals and Compensation to the Performance of Teachers
Paturusi, Achmad

This study aims to analyze the contribution of principals‟ leadership style, principals‟ managerial capability, and teacher compensation to the performance of teachers, directly and simultaneously. A reliable questionnaire, with variables above the alpha value of 0.69, was distributed to 60 respondents, representing a population of 149 primary school certified physical education teachers in Southeast Minahasa Regency, Indonesia. Data were analyzed using simple and multiple regression preceded by an assumption requirements test. Findings are: (1) a positive contribution of school leadership style to teacher performance; (2) a positive contribution of principals‟ managerial skills to teacher performance; (3) a positive contribution of compensation to teacher performance; and (4) a positive simultaneous contribution of leadership style, principal managerial skills, and teacher compensation to teacher performance. The study recommends improving the performance of teachers by increasing attention to leadership style, managerial capabilities, and compensation.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v6n4a12