El Uso Dela Metasíntesis En La Investigación
Wendy Wasbrum Tinoco, Tito Vasquez, Hipatia Mañay, Vinicio Bonilla, Gloria Valencia

The present research aims to describe a meta synthesis, the types of meta synthesis, its limitations and benefits of the application of this type of methods in research, being used mainly for qualitative studies, related to the medical area or the Branch of psychology in which the characteristics of the patients and their particular situation allows to evidence the viability of what one wants to try. It describes the procedures that must be carried out to achieve a meta-analysis, which differs from traditional research since it is necessary to detail the methodology of each study that was applied to evidence its results generating global conclusions for a given situation. The metasynthesis as a concept has been studied by different authors, coming to agree that it is a way to integrate qualitative research findings to achieve a new interpretation that explains the phenomenon with a higher level of scientific evidence

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v6n3a8