Mistake Handling Activities in Mathematics Educatıon: Practice in Class
Solmaz Damla Gedik, Alper Cihan Konyalıoğlu, Emine Betül Tuncer

The purpose of the study is to examine students’ ideas of mistake handling activities implemented in mathematics class. To this aim, mistake handling activities were carried out with 12 high school students. Focus group discussions related to mistake handling activities were carried out with students during four weeks. The data were gathered through students’ written reflections, transcripts of focus group discussions and semi-structured interviews. All the data were analyzed through content analysis. It was revealed that mistake handling activities made a motivational impact on high school students on their mathematical learning. The themes emerged from the study are advantage, innovation, being interesting and critical perspective.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v6n2a9