Student Perceptions of Teacher Professional Attire
Stephen Joseph, PhD

This quantitative study examined student perceptions of teacher professional attire at the secondary and tertiary levels of the education system. Five hundred and twenty-six (526) students were randomly drawn from Forms 1-6 in the secondary school system and tertiary-level students from Tobago as well as the northern and southern parts of Trinidad. One-way ANOVA and Pearson correlation tests were used to analyze student responses. These tests were done on the basis of a probability of error threshold of 1 in 20, or p< .05 and 1 in 100, or p< .01 respectively. Findings of the study revealed that while there were no statistically significant differences in secondary students’ perceptions about their teachers’ professional attire, there were significant differences in students’ perceptions at the tertiary level. The results also showed significant relationships between the variables measuring student perceptions of teachers’ attire and those measuring teacher occupational attributes, as well as student effort and behaviour in class.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v6n2a4