Phantasmagoric Sagas of Substantial Efflorescence of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Short Stories
Samrah Tayyab

Mysterious happenings and the phenomena of the unconscious world always arises curiosity among human beings. Man is always suppressed or inspired by supernatural environment throughout his life. He always wants to know the reality that is enveloped in mysterious happenings. Though some find an answer and some always remain in the state of bewilderment and make those happenings a part of their imagination. No doubt that human nature is unpredictable but it can be predicted somehow with the help of their actions. But some actions do not exist in this substantial environment and create a baffling state of which humans do not have an answer. Through the portrayal of characters, these short stories help to comprehend the uncanny environment of unconscious world. This sort of phenomena we find in Marquez’ writing in which supernatural is an ordinary matter of daily routine and imagination becomes reality and reality becomes dull and drab. His writings are cure for those who always suffer in the hands of this unconscious world of imagination. The study reveals those enigmatic and imaginative aspects of his short stories. Moreover, the phantasmagoria of his literary style is highlighted.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v6n1a16