Teaching and Assessment Techniques Used at the University of Botswana: Students’ Voices in the Faculty of Education
Philip Bulawa, Elizabeth G. Seeco, Keinyatse T. Kgosidialwa, Nonofo C. Losike–Sedimo

There is on-going debate about ways in which university lecturers should present content and skills that would provide opportunities for students in higher education to learn better. While suggestions pertaining to what exactly is the best method of content delivery have been made, it would appear that there is no consensus regarding what really constitutes effective teaching techniques. Research shows that students in higher learning have been the most qualified source of information about measures of lecturer or course effectiveness.This qualitative study therefore sought to investigate the views of different groups of pre-service and in-service undergraduate students about teaching and assessment techniques used at the University of Botswana. Using a questionnaire, the study sought the perceptions of in-service B Ed (Educational Management); Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE); as well as second year pre-service and in-service undergraduates from other faculties (taking courses in the Faculty of Education) regarding teaching and assessment techniques specifically used by their lecturers to teach.Data were analysed thematically, and the results revealed varying preferences of teaching and assessment techniques by students.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v6n1a14