Development and Growing of Social Skills in Teaching Procedure: Teaching Actions and Suggestions
Dr Fykaris Ioannis, Dr Nikolaou Soussana Maria

The main issue of this article is the cause of development and growing of social skills within the teaching and learning process in formal education using a series of teaching techniques. The common and profound social and political upheavals create new contexts for a man's social and political adaptation. As a part of this social context, the school is decisively affected by all these changes. However, as one of the most dominant institutions for the socialization of a young person and aiming to his multifacing development, the school needs to prepare him to be capable to manage his social interaction and adjustment factors and to help him adapt and be active citizen in the future social context. This paper attempts to contribute to this effort, by providing an additional asset to the teachers, aiming to the development and growing of social skills to the students of today and the citizens of tomorrow.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v6n1a12