Formation of Chemistry Teachers: Contributions of Historical-Critical Pedagogy for Instrumentalization of Chemical Solutions Teaching
José Vieira do Nascimento Junior, PhD; Edilson Fortuna de Moradillo, PhD; Hélio Oliveira Pimentel, PhD.

All discussions regarding development of scientific concepts are in evidence in research field of sciences teaching, due to difficulty secondary students find to learn it. The purpose of this work is to report the results of a research conducted in two parts, at two secondary education schools from municipal public school system of Salvador city (Bahia State, Brazil) in the years of 2011 and 2014. The idea was collecting students’ concepts about chemical solutions before and after didactic mediation. The students’ responses demonstrated that current pedagogic models do not cover social relations, that is: student-teacher-knowledge relationship is not being considered in a social-historical perspective which could provide a significant contribution in elevation of students ‘learning level. Based on these results we propose a new way of didactic mediation, taking Historical-Critical Pedagogy (HCP from now on) as basis, in order to deal with science contents, conciliate scientific knowledge with social practice; and specially contribute for improving chemistry teaching in secondary education system.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n4a22