Validation of an Instrument Designed to Measure the Academic Writing and Reading Abilities of Students in the Field of Education
Martha Olivia Ramírez Armenta, Ramona Imelda García López, Jesús Tánori Quintana, Maricela Urías Murrieta

The study had the purpose of determining the metric properties of an instrument that was designed to measure the academic writing and reading abilities of students in the field of education. For this, a quantitative study was carried out, with a correlational reach and a non-probabilistic sample of 222 students. The statistical analysis consisted of: measuring the level of difficulty of each reactive, determining the value expressed in quadratic measures for internal and external adjustment, observed biserial point and discrimination. The obtained results through the aforementioned tests show that the instrument possesses theoretical and empirical subtenant in order to measure academic writing and reading abilities. For the hypothesis tests, descriptive statistic was used to analyze the behavior of said values. The findings show that students lack ability in the field of measured competence.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n4a15