Visualization in Solving Inequality Questions: Case of Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers
Merve ÖZKAYA, Mehmet Fatih ÖÇAL, Alper Cihan KONYALIOGLU

The purpose of this case study is to determine whether pre-service teachers use visualisation in solving inequality questions, then, to determine the role of visualisation used as an appropriate visual representation tool in the lessons in resolving the negative aspects that pre-service teachers have. In addition, their views about the use of visual aids in solving problems are investigated. The sample of this study consists of 20 preservice mathematics teachers who are enrolled in Education Faculty. As data collection tools, a test with open-ended questions was subjected to pre-service teachers. Then, their views were gathered by means of their written responses. At the end, two face to face semi-structured interviews were performed. The data gathered in this study revealed that pre-service teachers generally preferred algebraic solutions, and they have both positive and negative views about using visualisation in solving questions.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n4a12