Incidencia de la evolución y aplicación del marketing cultural en la Biblioteca Pública Municipal “Pedro Elio Cevallos Ponce” de la Provincia Manabí, Cantón Portoviejo
Ing. Juan Manuel Gómez Mieles; Ana Lucia Vera Vera; Mg. María de los Ángeles Ormaza Pincay; Lic. Bibian Bibeca Bumbila García

The purpose of this paper is to check the status of marketing applied to the library service in the Public Library "Pedro Ponce Cevallos Elio" Manabí Province, Canton Portoviejo, from the analysis of the proceedings. It began with a descriptive study using the method of document analysis for different bibliographies on the subject; and the historical and logical method in the discourse that continues to reflect the relevant criteria of the authors. This study allows showing a more accurate view of marketing in public, proven library with concrete examples. As a result the creation of the marketing plan for the library stands, the same one that arises from the need to meet the information needs of actual and potential users to articulate the tools to establish improved dissemination of library service, using resources information presented in the context.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n3a6