Explanation of Learning Opportunities of Rationality (aql) Curriculum based on Islamic Resources
Pari Mashayekh, Mohammad Reza Nill, Ph.D; Seyyed Ebrahim Mirshahjafari, Ph.D.

The main aim of the present study is developing and validating learning opportunities` for rationality curriculum. The research method was Mixed Method and the qualitative and quantitative methods have been used to carry it out. The statistical sampling in the qualitative section consisted of all curriculum experts, out of whom 11 were selected using goal-oriented sampling. The quantitative statistical sampling comprised of 352 elementary school teachers whom were selected using cluster sampling. The research data were collected from content analyzing, semi-structured interview and researcher-made questionnaire. In order to determine the validity, content validity and to check the structural validity, operating analysis, and to estimate the reliability of the questionnaires, Cranach’s alpha coefficient was used. The findings showed that the results obtained in the qualitative section are in agreement with those obtained from the qualitative section. According to the research results, learning opportunity in rationality curriculum is strengthening senses especially eyesight and hearing of students; contemplation on nature and discovering its inherent order; inquisitiveness and inquiry; and increasing and constructing knowledge.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n3a19