Hindrance of Maintaining Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) at Saudi Colleges in Tohama
Dr. Mona M. Hamad

People Learn languages for communicative purpose. Educators always look for best methods and approaches for teaching languages that help to achieve their goal. Limitation of traditional approaches caused the born of Communicative Language Teaching. “CLT” is regarded one of the most effective approach to L2, David Nunan said: “CLT is an attempt to link classroom language learning with language activation outside the classroom.”Yalden (1983) discussed six Communicative Language Teaching "CLT "designs, however, it is not approved as an effective practiced formal instruction in education This study aimed at finding the hindrance of maintaining communicative language approaches in teaching English language at Saudi colleges in the Tohama. 17 lectures were observed for instructors who teach in English department, and computer science department at Muhayil College, and 100 questionnaire papers were distributed to the students from 7th& 8th level of English department in the same college, 83 papers were returned and analyzed using the descriptive, analytical research method, SPSS is used to find out these hindrances by examining the following hypotheses. The findings are: A. Lectures observation showed 75% of English department sections and 62% of computer science department sections consist of more than 50 students, most instructors are using the direct methods and teacher – centered. B. The questionnaire results are, 1. Sections consist of more than 50 students 2. The communicative language teaching “CLT” is not formally practiced 3.Technology is not used in large classroom, 4. Students’ fear making mistakes in crowded classroom. The recommendations of this study are: 1. Keep students’ number in all colleges sections below 50 to help applying CLT. 2. Arrange annual workshops for professional development practices. for university instructors in Tohama.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n3a15