First Do No Harm: A Title I Natural Quasi-Experiment
Debra G. Porter, Ed. D.; Douglas Rush, Ph. D.; Jody Wood Ed. D.; R. Larry Bohannon, Ph. D.

Supplemental reading services in three elementary schools were examined to determine its effectiveness in improving student reading achievement. Students were identified as in need of supplemental reading services at the end of their kindergarten grade. Due to more students requiring services than could be provided, additional services were only provided to students who were in most need during grade one. Surprisingly, it was discovered through a natural quasi-experiment that students who received additional supplemental reading support had lower reading achievement levels compared to those students who did not receive additional reading services. These findings suggest that the model used in providing supplemental reading services in all three schools, may not have been the best method to provide support to students struggling with learning to read.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n2a8