Applying Effective Health Education Programs in Greek Schools: Exploring the Role of Teachers Training
Dr Frounta Maria, Dr. Zartaloudi Afroditi

Teachers implement health education programs in Greek schools targeting the development of a healthy behavior among students. Despite the effort, there are many questions arising on the efficiency of these programs. According to the specialized literature, the teachers who implement these programs are a major factor. The purpose of this study is to address two related questions on what training has been obtained a) that assures them as experts in health education programs, and b) in planning, implementing and assessing programs. Moreover, we will examine all of this on the extent that the level of Greek teachers’ theoretical knowledge on health education should be linked with ways of effective implementation into real school settings. The research was conducted with semi-structured interviews of teachers who carried out such programs in the province of Western Greece. The results show lack of adequate teachers’ training. Moreover, the research pointed out that most subjects had an experiential approach to the ways of implementing such programs and this raises doubt on whether the programs’ targets can be achieved.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n2a24