Theatre in Education: A Technique for Effective Social Studies Teaching in Junior Secondary Schools Classes
Benjamin Asodionye Ejiofor (Ph.D), Faith Ibarakumo Ken-Aminikpo (Ph.D)

The aim to achieve the UNESCO’S objective of solving problems in the educational setting is yet to assume the magnitude and robust influence required in the classroom teaching and learning situations in our schools today. To circumvent the traditional chalk and talk method of teaching which has become the boring legacy of education hindering the objectives of effective learning, these researchers have introduced Theatre in- Education (TIE) as an effective technique to the teaching of Social Studies on the topic “Traditional Marriage Rites’’ to Junior Secondary School (JS I1I) students in Government Secondary School Kpite, Tai Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. This research adopted a quasi- experimental design that incorporated a proper Lesson plan and an improvised dramatization on the given subject matter. Results generated from both the traditional chalk /talk methods and TIE have been analyzed and discussed. This paper examines the objective learning differentials of the students’ academic performance scores in order to affirm the efficacy of TIE technique in the teaching and learning process.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n2a19